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Our Pharmacy

My Skin Pharmacy is a dedicated facility to meet all the health requirements and well being of your skin. Our friendly staff will provide outstanding service and specialised expert advice about your skin care needs. We have a state of the art, self-contained compounding room to facilitate the formulation of customised medications prescribed by medical and healthcare professionals.

We recognise the ever changing needs of people looking their best in this day and age where life is such a busy pace. It is our commitment to help you maintain soft, luscious glowing skin. Ask our friendly team of staff about your skin and beauty needs. We work alongside with Dermatologists and keep up to date with professional advice.

Our pharmacy stock leading skin care products recommended by dermatologists. We believe in a holistic approach to skin care health. Unknown to many, it is the largest organ in the human body. From vitamins, medications, body washes, creams, cosmetics to specially compounded skin care products; My Skin pharmacy understands the needs of personalised skin healthcare.

Our Point of Difference

My Skin Pharmacy is the first pharmacy in Australia to specialise in skincare healthcare. Our idea is to focus and promote the ideologies about maintaining healthy skin for now and into the future. We live in a climate that has some of the highest UV rays anywhere in the world. This is reflected by the fact that Australia has one of the highest number of skin cancer cases in the world. We understand the necessity to look after skin by maintaining healthy skin via a multifaceted approach but also in treating common skin conditions. We do not have every single product available for skin care but we have hand picked every single item stocked on the shelf.

We are located within a large dermatology clinic and work alongside some of the best dermatologists in Queensland. Our pharmacy stocks internationally renowned brands formulated by dermatologists and commonly recommended by doctors and specialists. Our focus is on skin and looking after your skin to prevent premature ageing.

Our Skin Care Range

My Skin Pharmacy’s online shopping store has selected results driven, premium quality skin care products for skincare conscious individuals. We have hand selected these products and conferred with expert dermatologists and health professionals to bring to you a select range of skin care products for sensitive skin, problematic skin and with proven clinical results.

With hundreds of hours of consultations, meetings and research into these premium products we are proud to provide you with an exclusive insight to the secrets of internationally renowned products. Products endorsed by expert dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, internationally awarded by beauty magazines and health and beauty critics.

We pride our selection backed by quality research and driven by patient results. If it is the first time that you are using these products please contact us to organise a consultation.

Our Beauty and Skin Care Consultants

Our skin care consultants have in depth knowledge about skincare products and take pride in products that they recommend. We are very skin conscious and know that many people are too. Our assistants are more than happy to colour match any skin type. Please contact the pharmacy for a free one on one consultation and colour match.

Our consultants undergo extensive skincare training with expert skin specialists to understand the intricate balance of everyday active skincare. There are always new therapies on the market as needs of people change every day and new discoveries are made.

We understands the importance of spending the time to consult with the client to assess their skincare and cosmetic needs. Each and every one of us has different needs and different skin types. We will assess your skin concerns and give you appropriate advice on managing your skin.

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