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Vitiligo Treatments

My Skin Pharmacy carries a variety of products and we compound specialised medications for dermatologists in the treatment of vitiligo. A combination of specialised creams and UVB therapy has shown to be effective in 85% of patients. We also carry a range of make up and camouflage products only available through medical clinics to cover up the lack of pigmentation. No matter how severe your vilitigo, My Skin Pharmacy will help you find a solution. We stock top of the line products recommended by dermatologists and products only available to medical clinics. We work alongside dermatologists in the formulation of specialised vitiligo medications and select premium products. Our team consists of dermatologists, specialist Nurses, make up artists and pharmacists, all dedicated to treatment of vitiligo.

Facts on Treatments
  • brisbane treatment vitiligo expertTreatment is most effective when done in conjunction with UV therapy
  • Vitligo patches on face and neck respond better than on the body
  • The Dr will determine the appropriate strength and cream for treatment
  • 20 week program for treatment
  • Is an autoimmune condition with no cure
  • Treatment can slow the progress and help manage the conditon
  • Stimulation of pigment cells can take 4-6 weeks to see any difference
  • Narrowband phototherapy is covered by medicare
  • Cover up camouflage gels and makeup can be a temporary blending agent
  • Suitable treatments for all age groups
  • Lasers can be used in non-responsive patients
  • Some vitiligo patients lack folic acid, iron and B12, in these cases supplementation may be effective