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Our services

Our pharmacy provides outstanding dermatological products with in depth personalised advice. In addition to this, we have a self contained compounding room to facilitate the formulation of unique medications. Our focus is skin care and we dispense prescription medications related to your skin condition. We carry the majority of antibiotics, immune suppressive medications, topical agents including creams, ointments, gels, lotions and pastes related to the dermatological field. Our focus on skincare is our specialty; hence our range is primarily dedicated on skin related prescriptions. Please email or ring to confirm if we stock a specific medication; otherwise we may be able to order it in. We also provide a range of over the counter and pharmacist medicines. These include analgesics, cold and flu, antihistamines, antifungal creams, thrush treatment, asthma relievers, eye and ear preparations.


Prescription Compounding

_MG_3182-EditOur primary focus is on products being applied to the skin and treatments for skin related conditions. We dedicate our research and efforts into preparing outstanding formulas for skin related treatments. If you have any compounded prescriptions that require filling, then make sure that you come and see us. Skin is our expertise and we work hard to uphold our reputation. If there are other products that you would like us to compound, please speak to our head compounding pharmacist.



pic 3My Skin Pharmacy stock prescription medications. We carry prescription based skincare items from antibiotics, topical agents such as creams, ointments and lotions to immune modulators. We can order your other regular medications for example your blood pressure or cholesterol tablets. Please see Andrew and organise your prescriptions to be kept on file and we arrange to provide this service for you.



Make Up Colour Match

At My Skin Pharmacy we understand what it means to have a good quality makeup. Our expert makeup artist can match the correct foundation or powder for you skin type. These are premium grades of mineral make up recommended by dermatologists, suitable for oily, acne prone skin, sensitive skin, pigmented or problematic skin. They can mask the imperfections without compromising the health of your skin.



Skincare Consultation

We offer leading internationally renowned medical grade skin care products with expert advice on problematic skin. At My Skin Pharmacy we can assess your skin care concerns and provide you with a skincare regime. We can provide individualised advice on cleansing, toning, active treatments, moisturising, sun protection and make up based on you skin care concerns. Our areas of expertise are anti-ageing, oily acne prone skin, pigmentation, skin rejuvenation, maintenance of healthy skin, sensitive and eczema prone skin.