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Does this look like you? Flushing….redness?

Have you been noticed that you always seemed to be flushed around your cheeks or red around the nose? Sun exposure could be causing dilation and even damage of the blood vessels. Have a chat one of our consultants about what you can do to prevent the flushing.

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Make sure you’re looking your best, choose mineral makeup…Jane Iredale

Come in and get a free colour match on mineral make up. Feather-light feel, allows the skin to breathe and looks great. It’s recommended by dermatologists for patients who have problematic skin such as dermatitis, rosacea, acne and sensitive skin types. Jane Iredale mineral makeup is worn by international models and celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Juliette Binoche, Laura Bush, Naomi Campbell and Melissa Gilbert.

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Award Winning…Effaclar Duo Plus!

Congratulations La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo Plus for being awarded by Women’s Health to their Best Acne Product Hall of Fame. Come in store for a free sample of the product. It targets all aspects of acne by reducing oil production, reducing inflammation, kill the bacteria responsible, exfoliating the skin and unclogging the pores.

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Sun damage skin and dark spots

Does this look like someone you know?…Sunscreens prevent facial pigmented brown spots and skin discolourations. There are various products on the market that help face these spots. Depending on the severity, we may be able to recommend something suitable for you. Read more on Skin Pigmentation and Dark Spots.

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Sick of shaving rash? Nothing working? Avene Sensitive Shaving Balm with antibacterial
Does this look like someone you know? Razor burns and rashes are common.
Avene Shaving foam and balm are very unique because they contain an antibacterial agent to prevent the shaving rash and it turning to an infection.
In addition to this, here are a few tips you can share and try:1. Use warm water to dampen the skin before applying shaving cream.
2. Use a shaving cream containing antiseptic and leave on for 3-5 minutes to allow hair follicle to soften and skin to be hydrated.
3. Use a multiple bladed razor to get an even clean shave.
4. Use cold water to rinse and clean the face.
5. Apply an aftershave balm containing antiseptic.
6. If it is still quite inflamed, consider a steroid cream from the pharmacy.

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Looking after your investment…that’s right your makeup brushes!

Care for your brushes as with your hair. If you have invested some good money into your cosmetic brushes, make sure you keep your brushes clean to prolong the life of them. This includes using a brush cleaner after every use to keep them free from bacteria. These brushes should be cleaned with shampoo and conditioner at least once a week to maintain the softness of the fibres…just like your own hair.

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