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Eczema Treatments

My Skin Pharmacy carries a wide variety of professionally recommended products ranging from non irritant body and face cleansers, moisturising creams for sensitive skin, gentle exfoliating products, through to specialist recommended products and prescription tablets and creams. We see the most mild to severe forms of dermatitis and no matter how severe your eczema is, My Skin Pharmacy will help you find a solution. We stock internationally renowned products and prescription creams and tablets. Our pharmacy works closely with a team of specialist Nurses, Dermatologists, make up artists and pharmacists, all dedicated to treatment of your dermatitis.

Facts on Treatments
  • eczemaSome additives in skin care products can be the cause of the facial dermatitis, so choose carefully
  • Prevention and good skin care maintenance is important to prevent flare ups
  • Short course of corticosteroids creams to control symptoms is effective. There are prescription creams which aren’t steroids that can be use safely for long periods of time.
  • If your dermatitis is being poorly managed then speak to our pharmacist today about our specialised compounded anti-inflammatory cream
  • Do not use corticosteroids ongoing unless it has been directed by a specialist
  • Follow the exact instructions of the prescribing physician as excessive long term use can lead to ongoing flare ups
  • Using a potent corticosteroid for a short duration can be a better option than using a less effective corticosteroid for a very long duration
  • Maintain the skin barrier function of your skin, this includes moisturising the skin daily particularly immediately after showering or bathing.
  • Use gentle pH balanced washes
  • Use soap free washes as this can help retain moisture on the skin. Excessive use can dry the skin and cause flare-ups. This also includes substituting your hand washes, shampoo and conditioner.